Stittsworth Meats & Stittsworth Smokehouse
7972 Farley Dr NE, Turtle River, MN 56601Why You Need Our Product

Our high quality meat stands apart from our competition. Taste the difference.

At Stittsworth Meats, we ensure that we provide the highest quality meat possible. This includes the meat we use for our fresh and smokehouse products. Our company supports Midwest farms and the economy. Stittsworth Meats offers a variety of high quality meats and smokehouse items, with a commitment to old-fashioned quality and taste.

We ONLY use the top 5% grade quality meat. We are also proud to support farmers and the community by using meat sourced within the Midwest region. Our meat sourcing method allows Midwest farms to thrive and keep the meat we consume as close to home as possible.

We Offer a Great Variety

We offer everything from case ready meat to a variety of smoked specialty meats.

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