Stittsworth Meats (Meat Market/Butcher Shop) has been in our family since 1993 with the building originally established in 1899 as a local grocery store. My father, Corey, and uncle, Clay, purchased the Stittsworth's Nymore Food Mart in 1993 with the goal of creating an "old-fashioned meat market". After several attempts, they came up with the perfect brat recipe and decided to test this recipe on the public.


After much popularity with the brats at various events around Bemidji, a decision was made to expand the service area, as demand continued to increase. The menu expanded throughout the years and business was booming. My dad had been the sole owner of the meat market since 1999. In October 2010, my wife and I became the proud new owners of Stittsworth Meats. I plan to continue the traditions that my father and uncles started but am always looking for ways to improve. With that being said, in December 2018 I was able to expand Stittsworth Meats even more, as Stittsworth Smokehouse opened up in Turtle River. This allowed Stittsworth Meats to not only continue to sell retail at the store in town, but now wholesale as well.


Stittsworth Smokehouse is currently our processing and manufacturing plant where most of our products are made and distributed. Our retail store still practices the traditional art of butchery to continue the meat market/butcher shop experience for our customers. The Smokehouse expansion has permitted us to increase productivity by 10 times, all while in the most efficient way. This has allowed our products to not only be sold to more local businesses around the Bemidji area, but also to various C-stores and grocery stores nationwide. Our state of the art building is equipped with machines and technology that creates products much like the original product. The recipes and practices are still being used today, as they did back then.


In the future, we plan to continue to expand Stittsworth Meats in various ways through innovation, producing new products, and providing our experience to area meat departments. Our case ready packaging allows for product to last 7 times longer in the fridge, reducing waste. New flavors and products will be in the making, with our burger patties being the newest item on the market. Lastly, our professional experience will continue to be used in other meat departments that are experiencing a labor shortage of butchers. I have very high hopes for this business and plan to do more great things in the future. Thank you for your continued support over the years, now come in and meet our family today!


- Mychal Stittsworth

Stittsworth Team

Mychal Stittsworth


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