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We guarantee the meat you pick up is the same animal you dropped off!


Deer Skinning $25
Deer Cape $50

Dear Cutting

Boneless cut, Grind and Wrapped $100
Quartered Deer Boneless Cut and Wrap $75

Bulk Trim Grinding

Wrapped in 1lb or 2lb packs $.35 lb
Vacuum packaging $1.00 lb
Bear, Moose, Elk, cut and wrapped $.75 lb
Bear - Boneless Cut 150 pound or less $100
Bear - Boneless Cut 150 pound and over $.75 lb
Bear Caping $50

Sausage Processing

*18 lb. minimum required for 25 lb. of sausage

Pre-Cooked Brats $3.50 lb
Smoked Brats $3.50 lb
Polish $3.50 lb
Summer Sausage $3.50 lb
Wild Rice and Cheddar Brats $4.50 lb
Jalapeno Pepper Cheese Brats $4.50 lb
Chili Cheese Brats $4.50 lb
Maple Brats $4.50 lb
Garlic and Onion Brats $4.50 lb
Mushroom and Swiss Brats $4.50 lb
Philly Cheese Steak Brats $4.50 lb
Pizza Brats $4.50 lb
Beer Brats $4.50 lb
Old Fashioned Wieners $4.50 lb
Cheddar Old Fashioned Wieners $4.50 lb
Wild Rice and Cheddar Summer Sausage $4.50 lb
Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage $4.50 lb
Pepper Beer Sticks $4.50 lb
Teriyaki Beer Sticks $4.50 lb

*Add Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper cheese to the Beer Sticks for $.50 lb

Jerky $4.50 lb
Dried Venison $4.50 lb
Bulk Sausage $2.50 lb
Venison Bacon $4.50 lb