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Wild Game Processing

We can help you process the game you worked so hard to get!
Enjoy the hunting experience and we’ll do the rest!

We guarantee the meat you pick up is the same animal you dropped off!


Deer Skinning $25
Deer Cape $50

Dear Cutting

Boneless cut, Grind and Wrapped $100
Quartered Deer Boneless Cut and Wrap $75

Bulk Trim Grinding

Wrapped in 1lb or 2lb packs $.35 lb
Vacuum packaging $1.00 lb
Bear, Moose, Elk, cut and wrapped $.75 lb
Bear - Boneless Cut 150 pound or less $100
Bear - Boneless Cut 150 pound and over $.75 lb
Bear Caping $50

Wild Game Sausage Processing*18 lb. minimum required for 25 lb. of sausage

Pre-Cooked Brats $3.50 lb
Smoked Brats $3.50 lb
Polish $3.50 lb
Summer Sausage $3.50 lb
Wild Rice and Cheddar Brats $4.50 lb
Jalapeno Pepper Cheese Brats $4.50 lb
Chili Cheese Brats $4.50 lb
Maple Brats $4.50 lb
Garlic and Onion Brats $4.50 lb
Mushroom and Swiss Brats $4.50 lb
Philly Cheese Steak Brats $4.50 lb
Pizza Brats $4.50 lb
Beer Brats $4.50 lb
Old Fashioned Wieners $4.50 lb
Cheddar Old Fashioned Wieners $4.50 lb
Wild Rice and Cheddar Summer Sausage $4.50 lb
Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage $4.50 lb
Pepper Beer Sticks $4.50 lb
Teriyaki Beer Sticks $4.50 lb

*Add Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper cheese to the Beer Sticks for $.50 lb

Jerky $4.50 lb
Dried Venison $4.50 lb
Bulk Sausage $2.50 lb
Venison Bacon $4.50 lb