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Beef Strips

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Prime Rib Beef Strips (Fresh Jerky)

Prime Rib Beef Strips “Fresh Jerky”

Colorado Beef Strips | Stittsworth Meats (Fresh Jerky)

Colorado Beef Strips “Fresh Jerky”


Beef Strips

Stittsworth’s Beef Strips are actually Fresh Jerky! This product is so amazing because of the fresh quality. Tender and soft beef jerky is way better than a dried out piece of traditional jerky. Plus, our Beef Strips can’t sit out on the shelf for a year!

You know you are getting a fresh product with our Beef Strips. In fact it’s so fresh we can’t even call it “jerky”, we have to call it Beef Strips! We felt keeping the freshness was more important than a name designation. Enjoy some Fresh Jerky the Stittsworth way.